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08 August 2008 @ 07:21 pm
*This journal is a pseudonym; neither my husband nor I feel comfortable letting our normal friends-lists know about his indulgences*

You can call me Diesel; I'm 22 years old with a daughter whose two months and some change, and my husband and I just celebrated our first anniversary at the end of July. Not the most conventional relationship, but with compromise, we make it work. My husband came out to me around two weeks ago, and since then, things have sort of fit together a bit better.

Cut, as it will get somewhat long and probably partially off-topic since I tend to ramble a lot!

Prior to our relationship, we were friends in the same fandom; we talked online almost everyday, and met up a couple times to travel together, the states we lived in being side to side. I was in a relationship with a man who was far more gay than he was straight, and he was in a long-distance relationship with a girl we were both close with. Him and the girl didn't work out, and several months down the road from that, I couldn't take it anymore and broke it off with my ex of two years. My husband came to visit me in my new apartment, and we clicked. At the time I had no inclination whatsoever of his cross-dressing tendencies, I thought he was just wearing my panties to make me happy. (I think panties bring out a guys ass so much better than boxers or briefs, and told him that in the beginning) It should have been an indicator; that he practically jumped at the chance to wear them, and even went out with me shopping so we could get matching pairs. But I was oblivious to it in the glow of a new relationship.

Fast forward to three months into the relationship; he had convinced me to move in with him, the cost of gas for the 3.5 hour trip was starting to get too high, and that was before gas was $4/gal, and we had been wonderfully happy. Then came the telltale lack of monthly bleeding, the positive pregnancy test, and the lengthly contemplation of our future. This was the first turning point of our relationship. We decided to keep the little pimple in my uterus.
Hello 8 months of hormone-laden, belly bulging excitement! The months breezed by with no notions of his cross-dressing, sans a time or two when he put on my bra so I could giggle at him. May came around and I was induced into labor a month early, as my water had broken already. I was stressed out and miserable about my pregnancy, and he was stressed out and miserable about how bad I felt. Things started falling into place within a few weeks, though, and we got used to our new family. My husband was wonderful with our daughter, and still is, he was always meant to be a father. We were both still stressed out and very frazzled, but we were getting used to it.

Around the end of July, we got into a fairly large argument about honesty, and everything came out. He said he didn't want to keep secrets from me anymore, and told me that dressing up in stuffed bras and panties most certainly did it for him. I was only a little bit surprised, looking back, all the pieces now fit together; the subtle hints he made, and such. I pretty much reacted the same way he figured I would; I giggled and told him he was adorable, and that I loved him. Of course I was going to support him, his fetishes could be so much worse than cross-dressing! We talked for maybe 4-5 hours that night, about everything, and we both felt much better for doing so. We also had sex that night, and he was wearing a bra under his clothes. So came the second turning point in our relationship.

Since then, I sized him and we've been out bra shopping, and he has more bras than I do (it's really hard finding 30 E bras that are affordable), and almost has half the amount of panties I do, as well as girly pants and a shirt. I got to paint his toenails the other night, and he painted mine, it was an interesting bonding experience. Indulging in this has brought a whole new passion into our lives, and he's been incredibly happy since he came out and found me supportive. I feel so incredibly honored that he confided this to me; I really cant explain it. We're happier than ever.

The only downside to all this is that I don't have anyone to talk to about this. None of our friends know, and probably wont, so I hope I can make some friends in this community with alike circumstances (:

- Diesel
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im_adolla_richaim_adolla_richa on August 10th, 2008 12:42 am (UTC)
Hello Diesel,

It is so refreshing to hear your story. So few of us are as open as you are and I believe most crossdressers would be insanely jealous of your relationship with your husband.

amy eileentheragtagpoet on August 26th, 2008 03:54 pm (UTC)
welcome diesel. it's tough starting out on a new journey without the usual support of your already established friends.

i think you guys have great communication and bonding is so important. i think you have really started this new angle of your relationship in the best way.

i for one would love to be one of your online friends.